Minglanilla fish and meat market (with photos)


The selection of fish in the market near us varies from time to time generally if you want your fish you want to go early. A lot of the stock is caught and brought early that day as some of the fishermen arrive around 4am with their catch. I am not sure how much comes from fish farming these days maybe someone can enlighten me as I can see fishermen evenings and mornings which pretty much tells me they are still trying to catch fish in an ever decreasing short supply. If you head south of Minglanilla towards the more provincial parts you start to see fish farms and I have a friend that brings fresh fish from Negros to sell at the markets.

But the main topic of today is what is available not where does it come from so here are a few photos :-

There is a fair variety of fish stocks and the market is daily. The fish may seem a little small but there are larger selections and I am aware that getting larger fish is available but generally things are bought to “budgets” so if you want larger types ask! as no doubt your regular fish vendor will get the stock in if they know your going to buy it. If you hover over the names of the fish you can then google to see the variations to get an idea of flavour and what you can do with the fish cooking wise. I always find the colours of the fish in the Philippines amazing and even similar species side by side can have some drastic colour differences.

The meat section in the market mainly houses Baboy (Pig) but also beef but generally beef isn’t an everyday stock as most people prefer Pig which is the national dish. Most birthdays or other celebrations are led with a BBQ Pig as the center piece on any table.