Meeting women in the Philippines

The truth about meeting women in the Philippines is they like anywhere else in the world are all around us. The difference is they are more approachable generally. You can start a conversation with almost anyone here and they are glad you spend the time chatting with them. This also allows you the opportunity to look for a life partner. I have recently noticed there is a larger influx of foreigners entering the Philippines to find partners. The difference is finding a relationship that will last. Yes you can find a young bride but to be honest is a beautiful smile enough to last the next 20 years? especially if there is a large age gap. You should get priorities in what you are looking for or wanting in a relationship and make them known as well as find out the people you are meetings requirements. Most people want to travel and in my own relationship we have made an agreement that we will travel round Asia as the Visa for the UK is not only expensive but unlikely to be approved in the current economic climate.

So where do you meet women? Well a lot of people seem to have luck by hanging out at malls. But your more likely to have luck by meeting up with some expats who have relatives who can make it known that your looking for a partner. A big thing is patience it takes time to find a good partner and even longer to find the right one. Chopping and changing is unlikely to work much better to settle in a location at least for a month and start to get to know people, if you cant find a partner within a month then there is something wrong. I get approached regularly and have had requests to meet sisters from my barber and even market vendors. But im happily married just making you aware there is many locations you wouldn’t even think of that people are available. The main reason for using the expat network though is you can have more background information especially if related to an expat already and for the woman she has some security in the knowledge that the person who introduced her to you is also an expat or married to one.

The women of the Philippines are wonderful people in general but you do have to be very careful. Especially if there is a huge age difference. There have been regular murders of expats by partners or relatives although the facts may differ the results are generally the same. So please be careful, meet in safe locations such as SM or Ayala Mall or a good restaurant something that’s public as this will offer you both a safe environment to get to know each other especially if you have met on the internet.

Using networking sites such as Friendster or MySpace can help you not only locate people but get an idea of they’re surroundings and work etc. otherwise the next option is DatingInAsia or Cherryblossoms sites which are both relationship sites. But these do have a huge amount of women scamming on them so be aware you will have a lot of no shows and excuses when you try to meet people.

The main thing is just don’t give up. There is someone out there for all of us you just haven’t found them yet.