Me and the Philippines

Me and the Philippines was chosen as a title to do with someone saying its unfair to say the quality of goods in the Philippines is bad.. BUT I don’t blame the people of the Philippines as it isn’t the “average” persons fault. Most of the crap goods are imports from China and other Asian countries. This week so far I have had to strip and rebuild a car stereo, reset the memory on a calculator, reset a gun on a CRT TV, Have a table leg falling of my table due to cheap and nasty plywood and generally I’m just sick of the quality  I’m refusing to buy anything that is none essential. I don’t know why the Philippines is like this but it only damages industry and the truth is I wont be buying anymore products from the malls that aren’t essential. I feel sorry for the people around me if I have a broken iPod or phone I throw it away and buy another one.. the majority of people here don’t have that luxury which is why I believe that quality should be No.1 because I already earn a lot more in a month than most Filipinos earn in a year. I’m not going to keep on complaining about the quality because simply I’m not going to buy anything else so will move onto the next topic..

I’ve recently noticed a wake up call regarding the recession properties are going up for sale.. not only that people are contacting me directly asking if I want to buy. Truth is I can wait.. I know this is the tip of the iceberg and it will get a lot worse before it gets better you only have to compare to the UK which has fallen into the abyss. I feel sorry for people who aren’t as fortunate as we are but then again that why I always try to pay cash it gets round any of the problems. As you can sit on your hands and wait for time to pass and a better economic environment.

Recently though I’ve seen things that are splitting me down the middle in the of the things is teams turning on each other because they don’t agree, me personally I will say “ I don’t care “ if its team politics simply because things are never that important. why? Because no one died or got injured at worst there was a brush on the pride.. Forget about it! There is also the fact when you look out to the mountains and head up to them you realise the huge divide between rich and poor.. or more to do with those who have city jobs and those who are trying to survive. I feel I have failed due to not being able to solve the problem although it’s not even mine to solve. Then there is the thieves at our Airsoft arena who steal our tyres go through our vehicles if they get a chance and steal what they can.. Last week a mobile phone was stolen and cost P300 to recover this week because the thieving kids were banned they put glass bottles (they stole from my jeepy) behind my wheels. It gets to the point you just think they don’t deserve friendship nevermind help and there was stupid me thinking of getting a few extra guns to allow them to play.. I’m heading back to the UK next month and to be honest I need the break. April,Zoei and April’s parents are great but a lot of the things not connected with us directly have got under my skin. One thing I will say is 2009 is a family year where I will look to develop the life of my family and 2010 I’m going to look to help at least a small portion of Minglanilla’s people out of poverty.