McDonalds improved customer service at Gaisano Fiesta Mall

Credit where credit is due has to be mentioned when it comes to McDonalds as they suspended their deliveries a few days after I wrote about them last time getting the majority of orders wrong. Was it blog? I doubt it probably more to do with loss on the amount of free deliveries their riders were doing to correct the orders. But what has happened is a huge improvement on service moving from online ordering to them then phoning you back 2 – 3 times to confirm the order before it arriving late and wrong. To what is a placed order and then it arrives without any mistakes, I know what happens in other countries where a hit squad of managers travel around fixing failing restaurants etc and wonder if they had to bring them in to work through all the problems in the restaurant as it seemed so disorganised before as even taking the order was difficult.

They have also just overhauled their website which is still full of bugs but will no doubt get there shortly. I just thought it was worth giving McDonalds a positive mention because they took the right action to resolve the problems as its easy to complain but very few people will take the time to say how things have been repaired/fixed.