Mcdonalds home delivery in the philippines P40 delivery charge no minimum order.


The McDonalds home delivery website is pretty good. As you can fill in the form on the right. Grab the food you want from the top and throw it into the red box as your “tray” allowing quick online ordering. You add a few details about your location and give a telephone number and within 5 minutes you will get a call to arrange delivery as well as clarify an order. I say clarify as regularly they never have our complete order you end up with a hamburger instead of chicken nuggets etc. as they don’t have stock. Same with the glasses on promo as currently they are P21 with the World Cup we get 2 with our meals but not the colours we requested. Anyway its a small price to pay for having a website locate the store for you and they call you back. Only difference between collection and order is its cheaper for us to have it delivered for the P40 charge than it costs in my jeepy to go and get it. Here is the website link :- service is normally pretty quick as expected with McDonalds.