Matt’s big idea for the Philippines

Now for the time I have been in the Philippines my entire world changed and not on about living with my wife and her family but also about the links with poverty, corruption, laziness and work ethics. Why? because for a start I am amongst it all but also I started watching more and more documentaries from around the world. Dispatches, Panorama then tapping into NGOs (non government organisations) and started following the money trail which then includes the UN and EU. Which made me wonder how poor is poor? people talk of people living on a £1 or $1 a day but what does it buy you because obviously in a commercial in the West people think oh my god that doesn’t even buy me a cup of tea.

Which is where Matt’s big idea for the Philippines came about, if nobody is interested I won’t bother as some of these things are risky as well as time consuming. But I am thinking of travelling around seeing how people live and do things. E.g. a day with a fisherman where I will record his catch the time taken etc. to give a blueprint of a day in the life. The same with a tricycle driver, a farmer, PNP (Police), social worker etc. and then see where the path leads and if poor is poor or is it in most cases adapted to suit donations?


A lot of people may not understand the soap box concept and I have just decided to introduce it (literally in the last 2 minutes). Its where someone politically would take a box into their town square or other area where people are such as a market stand on the “soap box” and tout their political views. Reason being I know many people don’t agree with my political views as well as people don’t even want to get into political debates. Introducing the soapbox in blue at the bottom of a post will let people “choose” to ignore the politics! which I think is the fairest way of doing this as it is my blog and at the same time as wanting to keep readers I am politically frustrated globally even worse lately with the situation in Libya.

Now the point on the UN and EU was that they intervene where there is “backers” such as UK, US,France, Germany etc. needing to keep a toe hold in a country such as what is going on Libya right now they will say its humanitarian and to stop genocide at the same time its to preserve oil links. If you look through history rebellion is a natural process as humans democracy developed from change. At the same time what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and now what they are trying to do in Libya is forced democracy which can’t and doesn’t work. Politics is a process of evolution not a case of well we don’t like a dictatorship or monarchy lets not forget all the fiasco with Prince Andrew right now a bumbling idiot who’s a friend of Gaddafi’s son, involved with arms dealers and associated with a convicted pedophile billionaire and this person is supposed to be an extension of the UK as an ambassador? lets face it his mother got him the job as no doubt he needed the cash. At the same time he does seem rather morally perfect for the role.