Matt the Rat catcher of Minglanilla

rat sticky paper trap

The one thing that irritates me in the neighbourhood is the people’s general disregard for garbage. The annoying thing most of all is its not our neighbours its low life from an an alleyway nearby. They wander down to the empty lot in the street and tip all their garbage onto it. It gets cleaned up about every 6 months and within a month its back to the same state. Big problem is its not fenced in and locals don’t respect open boundaries, in fact because its an open space they think its a personal garbage site.

This leads to infestation which we have recently been affected by with a few small vermin in the internet cafe and getting into the main house. I ended up going with the rat paper as Jovie (my wife’s sister) wasn’t to keen on me beating the rats with a piece of timber although I think its a bit more humane to go out with a single bang. Anyway if you come across the problem of rats or mice the local sticky paper works well. Its just like having a sheet of fly paper the rats wonder onto and can’t get back off you just place it near where you think they are coming in to the property and it catches them next time they visit. In the net-cafe it was a bit more complex as the little pest was getting in under PC’s etc. so went with a bag of powder that gets onto the rats fur and due to the fact rats can’t vomit they die. The advantage of the powder is if your wiping out a colony it doesn’t alert other rats to the issue and so you’ve a good chance of wiping them all out in one go.

The odd thing about rats though is I have seen a lot here and not in so obvious methods of movement. I have seen them climb along power cables to enter buildings under the roof canopy as well as getting in the smallest gaps where pipes were going through walls. All in all though I spent a day with a bucket of concrete mix and filled any holes I could find and the ones we have killed seemed to either have scared off the others from the nest or we managed to wipe them all out. All in all its quiet on the Eastern front.