Matt and San Miguel brewery would like to thank our previous workers!

I would just like to thank our previous workers that we let go for creating so much chaos in jobs that can only be described by any tradesman as “simple”. Moving a wall to fit a hole, wiring a light into a switch in the wrong room and to top it all off standing on a door to reach the ceiling until it fell off the hinges..

Stanley and OllieLesson learned me and Mr San Mig are quite happy to take a slower pace and instead of paying of workers more in tune with Stanley and Ollie to do it ourselves..

See the thing is for skilled labour it varies between P250 – P500 a day depending on who and what they are doing. But I worked in construction most of my life so at even P220 a day that works out at 10 bottles of San Miguel and being able to chill taking it easy doing it myself instead of worrying what mistakes have been made out of my eye sight. It also means the mistakes get undone, done right and more importantly made safe instead of a future problem or even worse a fire risk. So all in all me and San Miguel after nearly 2 weeks of working (that’s why the blogs quiet) we can sit down and finally absorb our saved money with a pat on the back and a cold beer in the fridge.

Now don’t get me wrong all tradesmen aren’t bad there are good ones out there but an example of the sort of thing that creates problems was a new neighbour of ours came over talking about kitchen cabinets. They carefully made them, planed them to fit before slamming nails through them to install them splitting parts of the wood. No care goes into the end result which is why so much ends up a disaster. A rawlplug (locally verbally sounded as “tucks”) with a nice screw and a bit of time taken would give the cabinet 20 years of life. Split the timber in the wrong place its scrap before it even starts life.

Moral of the story being I just wish San Mig would do a bit of the work instead of sitting on the shelf looking at me as it seems we need to either both be sat watching someone else with a book or just getting on with it ourselves.