Matt and God

Bit of an odd start to a post but something some understand and others don’t as I can understand why people have religion in their life but I also have a major issue with the way the church enforce its ways. Things like interfering in the health bill for me not only shows the connection between church and state but also the distance the church has from its religion as its politics and survival take paramount position over real religion.

Anything that alters peoples belief in a mans image e.g. asking for political interference is nothing to do with religion except for guarantee of security of position for the church. But I ask anyone who is religious would a man who entered this earth in a barn, worn basic clothing and lived a simple life would ask the poorest of the poor for money to build monument us buildings in his name?

People’s belief of god and religion should be of choice not demand or enslavement. I myself have encouraged people to find god when their lives fell apart and simply had nothing else left. I am neither a preacher or believer but can understand why someone needs to find god at certain times in their life especially if they lack the strength to go on alone. At the same time I don’t welcome people trying to force it on others in the way I often see it sold as its a free choice and should always be. Same as if you decide to give to a chapel or church should be a choice not a feeling of having to give because a plate is shoved in front of you.

I do support several organizations involved in religious activities purely because the other services they do offer help others. E.g. medical missions, clinical services, food etc. etc. As a “sponsor” I think they have the right to be able to talk to people about religion if bringing food to the table or other aid. At the same time I think people have the right to not listen if they choose to and snack on the food.