Married life.

With such doom and gloom in a lot of the postings lately I thought i should put things into context. Me and my wife April are going through the adjustments from couple to family which do sometimes take a strain on a marriage but communication and the fact 99% of the time we are happy things fall into place.

I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with not only does April enjoy most of the things we do together but also gets involved with my hobby something I never had before in a partner. But the main thing in any relationship is give and take. Keeping life in harmony sometimes things don’t make sense or are complicated by pride. But the real matter is thinking of your partner throughout difficult times regardless of what is going on. We have a very happy marriage and I am  looking forward to eventually being able to live with my wife full-time rather than the hopping in and out of Cebu to increase our earnings. But then again with every hop our security and ability as a family to survive comfortably increases. One thing many of you wont be aware of is I had no intention of getting married to “anyone” and in fact when me and my now wife April met we were both going through difficult relationships. We were more of a shoulder and friend to each other than anything else at that time. As we decided to go our own ways with previous partners we hadn’t even began to think of a relationship, simply we just seen each other as close friends. A few things that happened changed the realisation of what we meant to each other. I had the misfortune of someone slipping a drug into a drink one night that left me in a very bad way. I rode out the affects but there were points I didn’t think I was going to make it. Stuck in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Its strange how these moments can change and define a person. I’m not a drug user by the way I am  very Anti-drug but for some reason someone had thought it was funny to play a prank on me at that time. Anyway my point was keeping in touch with April at that time helped a lot.. but also I realised how much I meant to April and how much we meant to each other. Over the months we steadily grew closer together and  a turn of events showed us how much we had changed from friends to wanting to be together. I’m going to write a book on our first year together as no doubt some of you would be interested to know about how things came about. But one thing I can say is that April is not only my wife but the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Marriage is not something I take lightly and its an honour to have April in my life as my wife. I have seen Pinoys and foreigners alike believing the grass is greener on the other side, The reason for so many single families in the Philippines is the fact that the majority of women are very loving and trusting. To find the guy they love and trust takes a run at the first sign of responsibility to find someone else. Those people are a shame to themselves and to they’re nations. If you find someone who loves you for everything you are and will be, you are in a moment that may only come along once in a life time and should take hold with both hands. Sex is simply that.. But love and marriage is a lifetime commitment. Honesty should always be the key to a happy life and if you abuse it no doubt it will come and bite you back at sometime in your life.