Marketing one of the most overlooked part of a small business in the Philippines

If you spend time in the Philippines you will know what I mean from things you need yourself especially if it requires a specialist service. I can give a few examples of recent events that could have been sales.. buying a home PC which will eventually be restocking 1 – 2 netcafes so upto 40 PC’s. Also getting T-shirts printed got a few slow quotes and very little feedback so have resulted in getting it done ourselves. Another sale lost which will be regular orders.

Now marketing doesn’t have to be expensive with the rise of things like Facebook and Multiply making it easier to get an online presence. But also things like Bluetooth broadcasting from your location if your in a mall (will send advertisements straight to peoples cell phones).

Everything I see seems to travel word of mouth most of the people I know don’t read newspapers and rarely listen to radio. Which only really leaves the TV which isn’t within most peoples budgets. Also your probably not after such a large chunk of people either. The T-shirt idea seems to work well mind and its what we are about to do with the netcafe. It will have a logo on the front people want but on the back advertising the netcafe and its P10hr pricing. We aren’t giving them away either after a bit of thought I thought if someone gives you something for free you don’t really appreciate it but if you win it suddenly it would become your favourite T-shirt. So that is how we are running it weekly competitions where you can win T-Shirts.

Being a local business and the users of the cafe local means the T-shirts will all be wandering around in our catchment marketing to the people that fit our product.

When you think about your marketing though also remember what is it that you can offer that others don’t here things like customer service being no.1 or cheaper, more efficient or 101 other things can put you above the rest once you get people in the door. Remember that marketing is part of the business and you need to keep following it up. If you sell jewellery or clothing for example ask for cell phone or email addresses that you can update your customers of new stock when they do visit. Keep your customers informed and your sales will rise.