Mark Allen from Kentucky – Bad tenant for the Philippines

I decided to start compiling people that cause problems for Expat rentals here after today’s fiasco.

Mark Allen arrived from Kentucky yesterday and decided to take an apartment for 6 months, there was no commitment from me as simply people can view and if they don’t like that’s fine they can look elsewhere as I prefer people not to buy or commit from the internet which is why I don’t accept advanced deposits until the properties have been seen. After he decided he wanted the apartment I showed him how to use the computer attached to the TV system. First thing he asked for was beer and I sorted him out a Grande from the fridge to pay for later once he got organised. He asked if he could nap for a while and I said I will pop back later with the paperwork.

At which point he avoided all day doing anything but pretend to sleep. In fact only thing he seemed to do is chain smoke and drink alcohol. Thought fine as I can sort it out tomorrow as he wanted cable TV and as I told him I won’t order in advance until its all committed simply because there is an 18 month contract on Skycable. The guys from Skycable came out the following day and I arrived to find he had disappeared after making the apartment a complete mess. It stank of cigarettes and he had consumed some Red horse for breakfast before disappearing after asking my mother in-law to change money for him. I spent most of today removing the mess he made including fingerprints on the wall where he had been leaning with dirty hands on freshly painted walls, cigarette ash on the floor, his left over chicken he left on the worktop and the open beer bottles that he hadn’t paid for. Before then having to bleach down the floors and airing the apartment all day to get rid of the smell.

So if you have a tenant looking for accommodation be warned this guy can’t be trusted and besides disappearing cost me a day of time and cleaning a mess that most people would need months to cause.

Also be aware that on cleaning the apartment I came across an Ex medical bag that I can only think comes from someone who has been in a serious accident where their items needed to be stored, mental health wards or alcoholic/drug rehabilitation. Another reason to vet your tenants well (its Mark Allen’s)