Mark Ababon – M Hullier Basketball Cebu

mark ababon

Mark Ababon at a basketball match in Cebu City,Philippines


If you ask most Filipino’s on Cebu island who follow basketball who Mark Ababon is they will tell you exactly.. He is one of the top basketball players in Cebu and also well known. He also happens to be my wife April’s cousin. This week we headed off to see M Hullier (the team mark plays for) V Alaska. Very tight game as each quarter was literally a draw and at the end of the match it was a penalty free throw that secured the win for M Hullier. Good game and I managed to take a lot of photos as well to practice with my camera. No.5 on M Hullier team was also injured during play due to landing badly bouncing his head off the floor and having to be stretchered away.

mark ababon,matt wilkie,zoei wilkie

Mark Ababon and Matt Wilkie at a family get together in Minglanilla,cebu,Philippines

Also dropped a photo in from last week from Zoei’s birthday on the 10th when Mark and some of Aprils uncles arrived for the celebration.

When we got back from the game I decided to start a Fan page for Mark as he isn’t a big facebook fan but when im out at the games I will try to take photos and videos of the games. Not only for Mark and the team but also for anyone interested in seeing the game as I noticed there was no real coverage at the San Carlos University Gym. Not a lot of hassle for me but happy to promote the sport at the same time as watching the game. At the same time if you want to visit any of the basketball events in Cebu let me know and I will find out when they are on so you can go to watch.

Mark’s Facebook Fan Page