Manila Police (PNP) Up Security For Pacquiao-Marquez face-off – Quirino Grandstand Manila

PNP - Philippines national Police

On Saturday the face off will begin between Manny Pacquiao “Pacman” and the Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez. At least 1,000 PNP officers will be at the venue including the world famous SWAT (due to the bus hostage crisis at the same venue last year) and Civil Disturbance Management units.

The event is being held at the Quirino Grandstand to promote the November 12th fight. Marquez has already been in the Philippines since Thursday and the Face-off will start around 2.30pm Manila time.

Bit of advice if going “Don’t take anything you can lose!” it will be a pickpockets paradise as they will be looking to grab jewellery, mobile phones and anything else of value in the crowds.