Manila Philippines – French man runs from restaurant without paying before jumping to his death.

Jean Louis Battail (52), last known residence was Aubervilliers, France jumped late Tuesday around 9.30pm from the third floor of the Robinson’s Place Mall in the Philippine capital reason why currently still remains a mystery. He had just rushed away from a restaurant without paying his bill.Police officer Lester Evangelista said “Battail dashed out of a restaurant after a server presented him a 4,000-peso (91.50-dollar) bill for his meal”.

He hit the ground floor of the mall head first dying instantly, he was being persued by a restaurant employee at the time when he suddenly just jumped.

He had appeared to be in a “jolly” mood at the restaurant before the incident where he ordered plenty of food, two bottles of white wine topped off with four bottles of San Miguel Strong Ice Beer. After being there for over two hours just as the restaurant was about to close Battail was presented his bill which was P4,438.50 he just shrugged his shoulders and closed the bill folder. Moments later he stood up and left the restaurant without saying a word. Reblando a restaurant employee then gave chase asking for the payment of the meal but at which point Battail climbed over the railings and let go of his grasp as soon as he was over.

His body was taken to St. Yvan Funeral Services for autopsy currently the police are dealing with the case as suicide.