Manila bus taking with Chinese visitors from Hong Kong ends with a bloody ending and at least 2 dead.

The news is still currently unfolding on national TV here in the Philippines but from the live footage on TV what seems to have happend as the Police began to approach the vehicle for a possible assault the gunman opened fire inside the bus which has currently left at least two people killed and no confirmation of the status of the gunman. The Police seemed to back off in panic as the rounds started firing inside the vehicle which riddled the windows with bullet holes. Currently bodies and injured hostages are being unloaded from the vehicle. What I find bizarre is around 100 people are standing at the side of the bus in the way instead of allowing ambulances to the side of the vehicle for a quick exit for those needing emergency care. People are being unloaded from a rear door of the vehicle. It appears with an update I just received that at least 6 of the 15 remaining passengers survived.