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Mango Avenue is pretty much the heart of the sex scene within Cebu. Littered with several bikini bars along the route. Mango Avenue and square not only are in the Centre of Cebu giving easy access to those seeking this type of visit but its also centrally located for hotels and shopping literally a stones throw from the malls and Rotunda at the centre of Cebu. Along the route there is also clubs including a comedy club. Nothing in comparison to most major western Cities. But still a major part of the City drawing in tourists from all over the world.


For the more traditional person either living in or Visiting Mango Avenue the shopping is pretty good but I find its very commercialised due to the tourism industry. Robinsons and other malls are within easy reach as well as National bookstore which is a great place to pickup guide books etc. Not only for the tourist but information books on building regulations and general books can be found there. The prices seem to fluctuate but I must have at least 100 books already from various bookstores and at a lot lower than I would be paying in the UK. Robinsons Mall is more of a mini Mall similar to what could be found in the U.S. with a lot of the stores based round the American visitors.

map1Its a nice enough mall but if you have the time Ayala or SM malls make Robinsons a very poor competition in comparison. Although if your stopping along the Rotunda Robinsons is walking distance from most hotels. If you are visiting for Sinulog be aware the precession will pass via the side with Robinsons Mall. Pretty clearly marked with the buildings they have put in place for the festival. So make sure your hotel is within viewing distance as Sinulog is the biggest thing in Cebu’s calendar each year. From here the precession will pass and head down to Osmena Boulevard.

A few things to be aware of if booking a hotel in this area is the beggars are pretty aggressive and a constant problem. Congestion is terrible here during rush hours the same with the pollution levels. If travelling try to be within walking distance around rush hours and if going out for the day leave before or after rush hours. The money changers in the Area give pretty good rates compared to banks etc. Also changing most currencies not just the U.S. Dollar.

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