Man charged for raping daughter – Philippines

The city prosecutors office filed charges against a father for raping his 13 year old daughter in march of this year. The 48 year old was summoned by Prosecutor Lady Juris Zozobrado. The reason for the case was due to the victim sleeping on the 9th of March in the afternoon when she awoke to find someone kissing and touching her.

"Ayaw saba kay mapriso ko (Don’t make a noise lest I land in jail)," the girl quoted her father as saying before raping her.

After molesting the girl her father then embraced her tightly saying "Dili nako mamunal, dili nako manghilabot sa imoha (I will no longer spank you nor interfere with what you’re doing)." Before saying he will go to a neighbours house to watch television. The girl seen her opportunity to leave and told her father she was returning a notebook from a school mate and took P60 from a table.

After going to a nearby friends house and telling them to tell her father she had gone to a beach resort if he came looking she left and went to her grandmothers in Calinan.

Around 11pm her mother and younger sister had come looking for her at which point she refused to leave her grandmothers and when her mother asked why she explained what happened. The following day in the morning the victim and her mother went to a hospital for a medical examination before reporting the rape to Talomo Police Station.

Bail has not been recommended for the culprit.