Makro Cebu – New Favourite store

One thing I find awkward in the Philippines with electronics is getting things that are reliable and likely to work more than a week. A lot of the stock is second hand at best and it shows in the “guarantee” which is often 24hrs or 3 days. But recently we started using Makro for most things and although not much of a difference in price the quality so far has been a lot better. As well as the fact it isn’t as busy as most other stores. If your heading to SM Mall in Cebu and going into the car park next to the North Wing which crosses a T junction instead of going into SM turn right and head up there and Makro is directly in front of you. What you will also find is that getting an account is easier than you think. Bringing some ID and a temporary card can be organised while you wait. Then remember to keep your receipts on your next 3 trips and if its over P3,000 you can get a permanent card. Don’t think it offers any extra discount but at least its not paper.

So what does Makro have to offer? Well if you haven’t been before its a cross between a wholesaler and a supermarket. So you can get most items you would get at a supermarket but there are also bulk purchases available. E.g. multipack of fizzy drinks 9 x 1.5l. There is also a selection of aircon units (around 10 – 15 models), various garden and office furniture and a selection of TVs.