Making the right decision with the wrong marriage

Matt Wilkie in Cebu PhilippinesNow I have met a lot of guys who are in loveless, unhappy marriages and the question I always ask is why are you still together? You talk to them and all they do is complain about they’re wife and the way life is.

Simple answer you can’t fix it. Sorry to say it but if its been ongoing for years its unlikely either of you really want to salvage the marriage and are unlikely to do so. Now im not pro-divorce in fact im the opposite because I am married and its an agreement I have with my wife we will never divorce. But we are very happy and plan on staying that way, the ways we do that is we make sure each of us is happy. Could be a hobby could be just chatting to each other or sharing chores sometimes but either way its being content that’s important. If you can do that then save your marriage! but if you haven’t and are unlikely to do it as well as the fact you can’t really say “I love my wife” then it’s already over. Get divorced and start living again.

Now there are a lot of people I know who would never normally travel to Asia never mind the Philippines as if they ventured this far its likely to be to Hong Kong for a week or two. But one thing I have found with the ones that have is several visited China went back to the UK sold up and went back to China and now live there due to the cost of living and the fact they invested all they’re money from the houses they sold. Others done the same with the Philippines and Thailand. But they all had something in common they were all in marriages that had gone sour. They are all living now in various relationships from marriage to live in girlfriends but one thing for sure is they are all wealthier, healthier and happier. Not one of them has said to me this was a mistake in fact many have encouraged others to do it.

So if your seriously thinking of calling it a day then start looking for a new life. It wasn’t my first port of call and it was by chance I met my now wife April. But one thing is for sure I am as happy as I have ever been and thankful for meeting my now wife.