Making the most out of a little lot

I have been toying with an idea especially after a lot of people complain you cant run a profitable piggery and a few other businesses. The truth is time management. This idea is something I no doubt will do myself in the future. Imagine you have a small lot of around 400 – 800sqm. You build a main house and 2 – 3 apartments to the side. You grow your own vegetables and a lot of fruit. Maybe a bit of room for a few catfish or other fish production on a small scale. But either way you should be looking at something that keeps you busy if your semi-retired. Biggest killer in the Philippines for many is boredom going out gets expensive so making money while not having to leave the house seems a good idea. Well here is the concept :-

The 3 x apartments you rent out for around P10,000 a month each = P30,000

You grow your own fruit and veg where possible and although may not be sellable you have reduced your costs on your food budget.

You attach a small piggery with 20 – 30 pigs. Revenue is low but its an hour or two a day to keep you busy and you “should” gain around P2,000 a month with a good breed. But be aware the feeds are where you get robbed. Overpricing is more than common. But also the fact you have a product that is marketable to your partners relatives and friends. As well as the fact it reduces your meat costs over the year why pay P140 to P160 a kg when you can be producing for less than P100 small gains but its all profit or cost reduction.

You then add a small Sari-Sari (corner store) which is open lunchtimes and evenings (When home). Your sat watching TV selling products through a grilled window at the side of the house. The profits aren’t huge but it will at worst cover electrical bills and a bit extra for the house. The key to everything is maximising your budget and reducing your costs. With a bit of time you should be seeing your income around P40k to P50k every month regular as well as the fact you have fresh meat from pigs/fish and fresh fruit and vegetables all produced on your own land. This keeps you fit and occupied.

Its a small scale idea but its a basic one you can expand from. e.g. the tenants of your apartments need collecting from the Airport, Visa runs, imported foods/wine etc. It could be a small gold mine you haven’t yet discovered but a year of practice you can see the idea come together but the main thing is that you have other incomes to start. Don’t bleed the business dry before its had chance to mature into a bigger venture. A Sari-Sari store in the wrong location may only need beer and cigarettes etc because there is no need for anything else. But its all on the person in each location to develop things. You could have a deep well add a purification kit and suddenly you can provide clean drinking water. The ideas could be pretty much endless. I would love some feedback on people already doing this sort of thing or people who are giving it a try for the first time.