Making Our Own Beef Burgers

 meat grinder

I had been discussing burgers with my wife April a few days ago which sort of got the ball rolling on a BBQ but also the fact the burgers generally you come across in the supermarkets are thin with other stuff mixed in with them. One thing I like is 100% beef not some soggy patty full of salt and god knows what.

So out came the meat grinder be warned the blood from the beef attracts ants for miles not our usual little critters either the big red ones which often you don’t see unless there is something that has died.

Grinding away things seemed to take longer than it should as we found that there are some long white stringy bits that clog up the grinder holes making you force the beef through the rest of it. So advise if its getting a bit slow strip off the blade as its likely clogged with the fatty bits.

Beef for burger makingground (minced) beef Waste product from beef

 This is one of those things in the Philippines that involve if you want good food do it yourself as its not readily available at the supermarket. At the same time making the burgers its also satisfying that you did it yourself as well as guaranteed to know what is in the meat (Except obviously where the meat came from unless your planning on raising your own).

homemade beef burgers

The resulting burgers though are the best we have tasted and put it to the Pinoy test by letting others try them. Aprils mother joked that she could live in the UK now as she could eat meals with bread instead of rice. The potatoes April put in the oven with a few herbs come out a bit like potato wedges with an outer jacket and a salad to finish off the burgers with a bit of leafy greens.mixed salad