Making money online by blogging.

A lot of people ive come across lately don’t have the skills to get too involved with websites or anything else online but need services to help promote a business. You can have the greatest business but if people don’t know about it there is no point your going to struggle to get customers…

So I came up with the idea of helping people get started not only people who don’t know how to program or setup a site but also those who don’t want to be paying a huge amount each year when they don’t need so many services.

So how it works is pretty simple you can either get a domain or pay me to source and register it for you then I can setup your site with WordPress and with the theme you want for your business. Add adsense for you (So once its going it should be paying at minimum for its space each year). So how much does the service cost? P1,000 per year which is what a lot of companies are looking to charge per month. The reason for it is two fold one I want to help people who struggle to use the net and don’t have the interest or time to learn and two it helps me keep the site costs down for us. In return your getting a lot more support than you would with a host company simply because I’m keeping it simple and easy for me to get in and help you setup so that you only have to deal with your advertisements and posts. All the SEO and other pieces ill help show you how to do and most of it can now be done within Windows Live Writer which is a nice piece of software although a bit glitchy still it saves me hours..

If interested drop me an email.