Making money from a blog as an Expat in the Philippines

“I will make a blog on the Philippines to help increase my income with its advertisement streams” is something many people do and most of them don’t make any money anyone wonder why?

On coming to the Philippines myself I noticed an explosion of internet blogs and sites telling every man and his dog on how to live in the Philippines and that’s not including the Yahoo forums and private forums. But why would you think there is money in it? Because someone told you that they are making money from theirs and if you buy their e-book you can know how to?

In reality the Philippines Expats have to be one of the most over subscribed groups on the internet for blogs and sites but more importantly most of them are the same. What makes things stand out are blogs like Andy Hyners covering his house construction, Chip on Pilar with his medical mission or Klaus with his journalism and interest in classical music what can you do?

You  see the problem for many is they are retired and that’s all they are doing is sitting at home on the internet. Myself I stop at home a lot lately as we have been busy with the kids and apartments so have become just as bad as others at the moment but I really need to bite my lip when writing stuff that I don’t find interesting to write never mind read. The gardening stuff you probably notice is hit and miss purely because I stop writing when I think I have written enough about it at the same time I like to show what you can grow here as information is very poor even with the government sites.

But hang on I am an Expat and I want to make money online what should I write about?

Answer what did you do before? what hobbies do you have that others would find interesting? What interests in topics have you got that can interest others? In all honesty the money is in your past not the present. This is why you hear the word “niche market” when people discuss the internet for blogging because you are more likely to attract a good audience in a niche that isn’t over subscribed with more writers than readers, writing about things you enjoy or enjoyed offer more interesting topics to the internet but also it may surprise you that you will enjoy discussing it as well as sharing the knowledge. More importantly though if your doing it to help your income its likely to give you a higher return on investment than writing about the Philippines retirement. I would also say if your wanting to write a blog just for enjoyment on Philippines life though go ahead but its unlikely to get you rich and in many cases will take time to even break even. makes an increasing revenue income but its now hit 3,400 articles and been ongoing since 2007 if I added the time I spent on the blog to the number of articles produced would it be worth the hourly rate? probably not I write this blog because I like to. But I also own several other blogs and sites doing a lot of other things.