Making Life Choices To Move To The Philippines

When I moved out to the Philippines the amount of people who said “I wish that was me” or “lucky you” was pretty much most people except family. Today calling up some of the same people the living in paradise is still something people hold in their memories of distant TV shows and it doesn’t matter what you say they assume things are always sunny side up.

Don’t get me wrong you don’t catch me heading into the city to work in fact you will be lucky to get me in Cebu city more than once in 4 months as I don’t like the dust and congestion. But the swimming pool and beautiful women wandering round the poolside with a martini in hand for me?

Well to be honest I am within 5 minutes of a beach and at least 3 resorts that cost less than $2 (or £2) to enter and not only is my wife attractive pretty much the Philippines has been blessed with a lot of the most beautiful women on the planet. At the same time the attitudes are a bit different than “get your own martini” to be more inclined to get one for you because you took them out for the day.

Confusing here as it seems most things I will say people are going to say its pretty good living! We have a laundry woman so no ironing or washing being done there. We have a Nanny for one of our children who also does things like washing the dishes and household chores. Pretty much anything household wise is taken care of.

What about working?? well I do work online and potter around with a few things but like yesterday felt a bit worn out so just took the day off as it doesn’t really affect things drastically. Not getting rich here at the same time not broke either we are sailing through fine although like everything if there is scope for more income would be nice.

Weather is also good most of the time as is most things. Food can be good and to be honest if you love bread make your own as often things here are littered with sugar or salt (people wonder why Filipinos die young!). Eating healthy is sometimes awkward as sourcing fresh produce can be a real pain sometimes. If your a microwave food lover your wasting your time here though as we don’t even own a microwave and I haven’t seen a microwave meal in 4 years.

Cost of living is relatively cheap and I am tempted to write about goods simply because prices fluctuate drastically. For example take a Snicker bar its around P35 – P42 each but a local chocolate bar with caramel chocolate coating using rice crispies costs P5 each. What I find best is to try everything and filter things out, for example I don’t like most of the pork here as I find it very fatty but also things like bacon seems very syrupy being honey smoked. Why can’t people just leave things alone?

But what is my point in all this? Well making life choices to move to the Philippines is a long term commitment and many people I know don’t like it, now to be fair a lot of it is money orientated because if imported goods were cheaper I am sure there would be a lot more happy people. At the same time being content is often hard work for many as you find your just getting settled and something throws a spanner in the works. Reminds me I have to pick up my card from immigration this month one of the places I have yet to meet a foreigner enjoy visiting. Not because its inefficient but the cost involved and the corrupt officials wanting bribes to save you 30 minutes wait.

Moving to the Philippines you need to think hard about can you live without a lot of the home comforts you have. I have more here than the UK at the same time having a nice car to drive and even better safe roads to drive on are missed. Food I miss as well as visiting parts of Europe. Long hours I don’t miss and the cold weather I like to feel the cold air on my face for a brisk walk now and again but not everyday! Spendable income is something I do miss greatly though as we live on a month here often what I would earn in a single day in the UK.