Making friends in the Philippines as an Expat

Probably the easiest way to make friends in the Philippines as an expat is initially the internet as it allows contact with people all over the Philippines. Bumping into people in the malls is always an easy way to meet people as well but be aware certain areas seem to be more for picking up girls so probably better to just meet someone in passing neither here nor there. People complain sometimes that people like myself don’t stop for chats very often or in fact just go about daily things without looking to engage with others. The reason behind it though is a couple of examples here where I was waiting inline minding my own business when approached by a Canadian who was just trying to sell me water as he lives in Minglanilla as well (home delivery). I ignore Pinoy’s if they did the same and for him I won’t give the time of day either as there are plenty of people trying to sell you their services. Then in the same week bumped into a sexpat while I was out with my wife who wasn’t only offensive in tone towards Filipino’s he was also over 70 looking for 18 – 19 year old girls a guy I would happily never see again.

The big problem is often though finding your right social groups as many people live very strange lives in comparison to the UK and often would be seen a complete misfits there. Im a bit unique in comparison to many as my life of travelling is a bit odd to others but I came from a military upbringing and find it difficult to put roots down in one place purely because it gets boring when there is so much of the world out there.

The main thing is though when looking for your group of friends you want to associate with be aware you will come across everything from the retired to the mentally unstable as the Philippines has a lot of diverse people here. The reason I stated retired next to mentally unstable is that retired generally have a stable income, content financially and generally just looking for friends. Mentally unstable here seem to be struggling financially, aren’t content for various reasons including things like destroying their marriage because they have a keen interest in the girlie bars which in turn the wife then looks to break them financially to secure their own finances. Well you get the picture, but the main thing is there is so many different types of people here it just takes a bit of searching to find people you want to spend time with.