Make sure your girlfriend is available!

A friend of mine who arrived in Cebu about 2 months ago I tried to help settle in and offered a lot of advice on certain factors which were all quickly ignored as he went on his way to do things in his own way. Which if fine except that if he is a friend of mine my wife’s family feel responsible if something bad happens. First thing I will say to “everybody” is don’t rush into a relationship it takes months to know the ins and outs of each other especially with culture differences. Second thing is never buy a house until you are sure its 100% genuine and finally make sure she is available..

I kept the things short for this post simply to keep it relevant. Because he is now involved with a woman whose husband is currently looking for her. They have bought a house and now living together, now this scenario can end in several ways:-

  1. Buy the ex husband off.
  2. My friend is thrown out of his rather expensive house and is quickly replaced by the woman’s husband.
  3. Everything settles down (which i wont be putting bets on).
  4. A bloody end..
  5. Having to pay the police off for sleeping with another mans wife.

Now I will just cut this post short for the simple reason is he hasn’t used common sense or taken any advice I offer. I just don’t want anyone else falling into this trap or predicament.

Do a search on your partner to check she isn’t married and also check her birth certificate. May sound severe but I have heard horror stories a lot lately from people having under aged sex to murders and most of the problems could have been avoided.