Make it in the West and spend it in the East

I heard this years ago from factory workers complaining about Pakistani’s but the reality is true they send their money home and why not?

Have I turned against the UK am I anti British? Answer is no because often we are sold a lie and this is one of them. You will find many a politician with savings offshore or even look into the Spencers with their lovely people’s princess the majority of land ownership is South Africa. The UK was an Empire that controlled the world as a puppet and although they tell us how we are bad people if we exploit the situation for financial benefit they are all doing it. That’s what “old money” is all about.

In reality you read about any rich family in the UK you will find routes back to the East somewhere if its not direct its robbing the Spanish shipping routes with our pirates. The fact is your just doing what generations have done before you.

In reality get a wife in the East and build up a nest egg off the map your going to roll in the cash or at least be living a high standard of living if you can keep the wife under control.

Making money in the West and spending in the East hasn’t been a new venture as most big businesses have wasted their fortunes by giving China all their technology in return for profit. At the same time you don’t have to be rolling in millions to be benefiting from a prosperous life in the East where £1 in the UK means nothing but more than a days wages in the East.

2 comments for “Make it in the West and spend it in the East

  1. lewis
    October 28, 2011 at 3:38 am

    What on earth brought on this diatribe.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 28, 2011 at 3:56 am

      It was a discussion that came up earlier today offline in regards nationalistic pride. I know many people who would think a traitor of someone who developed a life outside their home nation by extracting their funds for developments. At the same time I doubt there is a single political representative that they have that is not only doing the same but tax evading funds in offshore bank accounts aswell. Its an odd one as in principle for most people its to stand by their country at the same time the banks exploited the nations went bust and got us to bail them out and the wheels still turn yet for how long? In reality places like the Philippines are “developing nations” its unlikely to get any worse here and if anything see slow improvements where in the West we seem to be seeing monthly flurries of activity to do with the financial holes in economies with increasing debts which we can’t even pay the interest on. So making it in the West and bringing it to the East makes a lot of sense but also often the tax rates are a lot lower especially if you look into tax bands. I find in the UK that having savings are worthless due to the tax implications on my personal earnings and much better to move out of the country completely as they had “tax paid” already why wait another year to be taxed on them?