Makati Philippines gunman takes hostages currently 2 people have been identified as wounded.

Currently awaiting more information as there seems to be some kind of news media blackout on the events that have occurred in the capital. All that has been said is that a fireman and a bystander have been shot in Makati city today shortly before some people were taken hostage by a man in the area. The vague information has come via the mayor of Makati Jejomar Binay who arrived at the area in response to the situation. Superintendent Samual Tadeo confirmed that the shooting happened along Evangelista Street in Barangay Bangkal. The wounded were identified as Fire Officer 3 Armando Buce who received gunshot wounds to the head and body and a bystander who is still awaiting identification.

The wounded fire office is still currently being revived at a nearby hospital he was assigned to man the West Tower condominium where an excavation was underway to repair a leaking gas pipeline.

After the shooting the suspect fled to another building taking some people hostage and this is currently as much information that is being fed to the media no doubt in response to the poor media coverage and interference of the last major hostage situation in the capital that resulted in Chinese tourists being killed on visit from Hong Kong but much of the responsibility fell to the media for the way they acted during the siege.