Lunch at Bistro Mexicano, Robinsons Mall, Talisay, Cebu

I went to the Bistro Mexicano in Talisay over a week ago after my wife went to the hairdressers and stopped by for a coffee. On talking with the owner Hans and his wife it become very obvious Hans was serious about his food. So yesterday we dropped by for lunch as the rain was heavy and had to cancel the day at the pool.

Bistro Mexicano menu with April hiding behind it

April came along as well which was good as we haven’t been out for dinner in a while with how busy things have been but also April isn’t into the spicy food in the same way I like things hot so would be good to get a feel for the food from my wife’s prospective which is more in line with local taste buds.Tortilla chips / strips with salsa

The interesting thing at Bistro Mexicano is as soon as your browsing over the menu they bring out snack tortilla strips and dip while your waiting for you food allowing you to chat and take off the hunger while the food is busy being freshly prepared in the kitchen. The only downside is the dip and tortilla’s are very tasty making them a bit addictive to snack on. But then again by the time you work through them dinner will be on the table.

chicken enchilada with Mexican rice and refried beans

The food promptly arrived and it become very obvious that the portion sizes were designed to fill the belly. I went for the chicken burrito and my wife had the chicken enchilada both tasted great both came with Mexican rice and refried beans as shown in the photo to the left. The rice was typical Mexican rice but packed with flavour, chicken was succulent and the side salsaFajitias was fresh and kicking in flavour. This was followed with Fajitas which arrived on a hot plate with plenty of onions and a mix of bell peppers. You wrap the food yourself in fresh warm tortilla the meat was very juicy and in a large portion. Having one of the meals was enough to stuff the belly but after two we were already thinking to skip our evening meal. But to polish things off Hans wanted us to try a speciality at Mexican Bistro.

QuesadillaQuesadilla which is a sandwich of two tortilla’s packed full of salsa,meats and cheese. This was a refreshing taste as the creamy texture of real cheese shone through the dish in a mouth wateringly flavour giving the dish an ideal one to finish off our meal with.

The staff as always were friendly and welcoming. The booth type seating allows privacy as well as an ideal place to meet up with friends. We are already looking forward to our next trip to Bistro Mexicano in Talisay looking at the menu for the next treats we have yet to try. I would give the restaurant a high recommendation and if your in the area I would recommend you drop by to give it a go.

  Bistro Mexicano restaurant Talisay Cebu