LPG Gas Cylinders leak

LPG Cylinders are one of the most commonly used sources of GAS for cooking in the Philippines. Ive only recently had a problem with one due to an elastic band being used as a rubber seal. Which has the potential to be dangerous as well as the fact that when its on its leaking gas as you can smell it throughout the house. But luckily enough we had a new delivery yesterday and got shot of the faulty cylinder. But its a bit of a hidden risk. I would advise anyone if the cylinder is giving off gas or you’ve just received it just use a bit of soapy water round the valve to see if gas is leaking. Then when you connect up do the same again just to see if you have any bubbles appearing. It may not be a big leak but your either going to lose your gas or have the potential for it to ignite. Either way get it exchanged. They do have the potential to kill or cause injury.