Low Cost Housing – Philippines Project

In the last 12 months I have not only spent it researching the shipping container homes but also have had a lot of interest in the idea. At the same time I have also started to look at how we get from A to B in completion as currently this project needs more budget than I have spare to do. The biggest issues being customs as importing the equipment wouldn’t be an issue otherwise and sourcing in the UK second hand would be an option. But due to the problems of getting things into the country its increased the initial projections on costs to get started.

Why am I so keen on doing shipping container homes as low cost housing in the Philippines in the first place? Well first thing is affordability for those with a minimal budget as they can get a good solid home for they’re budget that will stand up to earthquakes, typhoons and many other things that easily damage hollow block homes the standard home construction method here in the Philippines. Its ok saying go with other methods but lets remember it all comes down to budget and the shipping container is the best option in many respects. It won’t crack with ground movement, its maintenance costs are a lot lower than a conventional house and its build time is faster.

But to do this I need to change peoples understanding and perspectives when it comes to shipping container homes as many really don’t understand the viability of it as well as the reduced construction costs. I need to take a container and look to convert it in a way similar to those that have been done in Mexico :-

shipping container home mexicoshipping container home mexico 

The finished design we are still working on as ideally I prefer a larger window at the front due to a lack of side windows. The reason side windows are missing is this home is designed to be stacked on the sides and above to allow maximum use of space which is also ideal for clearing up shanty areas or for “starter homes” as the land needed is minimal allowing for people to afford a home even on a small budget. Also giving a smaller area for the home should free up badly needed green spaces.

But to start the Low Cost Housing – Philippines Project its going to take a lot more than words to get the first home built which is why I am looking for other peoples assistance on getting this project off the ground. Because we need to build the first one as an example of the Low Cost Housing – Philippines Project’s ability to be viable showing its not red hot inside with heat as natural ventilation methods will be utilized as well as peoples personal ability to add extra cooling if they so desire. On top of that showing how you can maximize the space. Its easy for me to say how good this project is but walking in the show home for officials, land developers and charity organizations as well as people wanting to donate towards using these designs for developing Low Cost Housing – Philippines Project’s in other areas. The main thing at the moment is getting the project moving by building and showcasing the first one and this is where you can help.

We have started a fund-raiser page for buying equipment and the first unit to begin the project and get it moving in the right direction you can find it on the Cost Housing – Philippines Project link.