Love Triangle – One of the most common causes of deaths of an expat in the Philippines

There is something that hits the headlines regular in the Philippines and its the love triangle killings or attempting killings. Over a year ago there was a shooting involving Luke Isaacs a British citizen which later ended up with a discovery that not only was the shooter known to the victims wife. He was infact the wife’s previous boyfriend and that it seems that it was some form of agreed killing. The facts in the media are always scarce and speculative here which is why I can’t really add too much detail but there was a security guard that had seen the killer and Mr. Isaacs wife together buying a motorcycle before the killing happened.

Then more recently in the last few weeks a British guy in Pardo was shot at by two people on a motorcycle which he managed to ride over both were knocked off the motorbike but the car had received some gun shots. But the driver had escaped and managed to get to a Police station before returning with Police to find the two motorcycle riders were killed on the scene. Another vague news headline but already connections are being made between one of the riders and the attempted victims wife.

Is it common in the Philippines? Don’t just rely on my facts do a quick google on “love triangle killings Philippines”. There is a gun culture here and a lot of disputes get settled with firearms. The truth of the matter is many of the women looking for a husband online may still be married or have a boyfriend or both! The funny thing is finding out is often easier than it seems as interlinking with other expat’s a lot of the women talk openly about their boyfriend in the shadows or what the marriage is really all about. I have a friend who when abroad his wife used to move her boyfriend into the family home who was sampling all the delights of the expat. He was sleeping with his wife, eating his food and living in his home. A literal blow too the head one day after the expat found out from a neighbour who mentioned that he thought he had split with his wife because the other guy was living there. That ended the relationship between the wife and her boyfriend.

There is also someone we know who when in the Philippines from the U.S. has a “local boyfriend”. Leaving her husband back in the States she lives it up here because she is supposed to be visiting family. Its something that is well known in the Philippines just ask a Filipino!  its something that is accepted. Not sure why if its more to do with a laid back attitude or something else. Either way its something to be aware of.

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  1. kevin
    February 17, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    yeah Matt i agree and sometimes wonder the same thing while im here in england !! a fly on the wall comes to mind most days …..ingats 2u all there in Cebu

  2. Matt Wilkie
    February 18, 2010 at 3:53 am

    How you doing Kevin? Haven`t heard from you in a while hope all is going well.

    Thing is its something I can`t really understand why people do it. So if I cant understand it its very hard to predict when someone would. I do know people here who are looking for Foreign husbands who do have local boyfriends already. But would they change if they got married? I don`t know.. I would probably be one of the people they would avoid in the future if they did settle down because of knowing the past..

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