Lots A Pizza – Cebu, Philippines – Review

Pizza from Lots A Pizza Cebu With a heavy downpour of rain it was time to sit in and enjoy a good movie with the family as the rain looked as if it was on for the day. For a change we decided to order some food in from Lots A Pizza with our local branch based at Robinsons Mall in Talisay.

Its a mid ranged pizza locally costing P540 for 2 family sized pizzas not expensive but generally comes with lots of toppings. In this case it was loaded up but could have done with something to add flavour. It seemed to lack any taste while chewing, lookingPizza slice at the ingredients it had mushrooms and cheese but could have done with onions or a stronger tomato base to add a hint of interest to the taste buds. All in all was pretty bland in taste as well as appearance. May sound a bit unfair as you get what you pay for in the same way I would say they could change some of their ingredients without affecting cost too much to give a much better pizza. Filled the belly mind as I said comes with plenty of toppings just needs some with flavour! Helps to have around the house some peppers, IMG_0045tomatoes and onions to throw on the top yourself and to be honest back in the UK I often did exactly that as adding fresh to things that have been sat in a box and delivered adds a bit of crispness to the flavour.


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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    February 27, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Duplicate articles Paul/Dave so had to delete your response as it was on the duplicate sorry :-/ but as regards the sweetness its something me and my wife agreed something wasn’t right with the pizza. More often than not though I find things here have too much sugar or salt and if not both! My wife describes it as “to Pinoy tastes”