Lot for sale Minglanilla Cebu

bananaWe are selling our lot which is around 375sqm on the hills of Cebu for P375,000 buyer pays land tax although we can help you get round it to a lower tariff. We originally bought the lot 2 years ago to build our first house but due to on going commitments with the apartments we are constructing and also looking for a lot nearer the town of Minglanilla we are going to sell this lot to give us some spare capital to continue our projects. The access road is still a bit of a steep dirt track but another reason I am prompted to sell is the adjoining lot is now being developed by someone else. They have started constructing a good sized house and I know previously the neighbours were discussing building the road properly with hard core and concrete. I on the other hand wasn’t in a rush since I need a house before I need to contribute to building the road. Anyway the point being the area is going to develop over the next couple of years. On top of your new neighbour there is a sub-division being built a bit further down the main road which will help put the price up on the land in the future. Its a good investment as even if you don’t build I know the neighbour wants to buy the lot but some go between is being stupid on pricing expecting us to go low and then quote high to the lot owner besides ours. Probably doubling the lot value to take half himself. Well either way its up for sale and I will probably try and get hold of the adjoining lot owner to try and sell to them if nobody comes forward. I know some people were looking for a lot in Minglanilla so giving you my readers and friends first offers over the neighbour.

 coc facingTheOtherLot1


This was why we bought the lot in the first place. This is the view from the end of the lot overlooking green wilderness. So if your interested drop me an email I will give it a week before I go up and see the adjoining lot.