Loss Of Family Members When In The Philippines

Today was a mixed day of ups and downs as although generally everything else is starting to fall into place its also the day of my grandmothers funeral. Its times like these you wish you had banked enough spare cash to fund a trip home to say your last goodbyes. But also worth noting for other people to keep money aside for not only such occasions but also for illnesses, accidents or pregnancy. The amount of people I know living hand to mouth most months that suddenly have an emergency and the next thing is “do you want to buy a motorbike?” something they can’t live without isn’t the Philippines paradise people imagine.

My grandmother was the only grandparent I really knew a lot about as simply my other grandparents died when I was still young. So today is a bit of a solemn occasion because of my grandmothers passing but also the end of a generation in my family life.

I did manage to put together a few words for the funeral and hope that one of my relatives can get it to the church minister today.

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not being able to make it back in time for the funeral.

Our Granny is someone who will always not only be missed but a piece in everyone’s heart for the memories she has brought us all over the years.

For me, my memories will always be the fond ones as a child spending Christmas at Granny’s house with family. The best Christmas as a child were always there as it was, the one place that brought the family as a whole together. Happier times but memories that will always be with me and no doubt everyone else.

Our Granny had her ways and was a true strong Glaswegian in every way up until the last, although small in height always a tower of strength and a life long friend as well as grandmother. A welcoming home whenever we were in Scotland and quite simply a show of what it means to have a strong bond of family in an ever changing world.

My biggest regret is not being able to spend more time in Scotland with my grandmother but also other members of family as it was the last trip to Scotland that made me realise how much older everyone is getting and that this sad occasion today is a not only a sad loss to all but that a sign that as a family we should make more efforts to be together more often.

I will always miss you Gran but the memories you gave me right up until the last have always been happy ones and wherever you are now I know you will be looking down on us all.

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  1. Aaron
    September 9, 2011 at 12:42 am


    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Take care…Aaron