Looking on the bright side for the upcoming year.

This year we have done ok and although we have had a few hic ups I know we are in good stead for enjoying 2014.

Business has been up and down primarily due to bad contacts at the same time we have had a few good runs as well and as I type the construction guys are putting the final siding on the roof upstairs. I have already re-located my office to the new building and enjoying a coffee while I start to look at the direction I want the business to go in.

At the same time have decided to surround myself with more positive people. Most of the guys I work with are pretty good but the only downside of that has been brokers we were dealing with. Right now I am concentrating on working with direct clients and removing people that simply don’t do the business any favours. Simply lining their own pockets at everyone else’s expense.

But at the same time new office, new ideas and progression towards a successful 2014. Typhoon Haiyan also left a bit of a mark as it shows the difference luck can play or at least geographic location. If we were further North or the Typhoon was a bit further South we would be in the same state as much of the population of the Philippines.

My concern though is for the people and how things recover as there seems to be more emphasis on pride than dealing with problems that need solving yesterday. Things outside of my control but at the same time frustrating I am also learning to let things go a lot more rather than letting it annoy me.

The people I know who did what they can where they can and often at great expense to themselves. I cannot knock Filipino people for doing their bit at the same time we all know who is letting the whole aid issue go to waste and ridicule.

But back on a positive note have started putting tutorials together for Vicidial to help people get the hang of the software at least as a basic administrator if not as a programmer.

Left my office a little untidy working on the videos yesterday but looking forward to sharing some of my knowledge with Vicidial.

Next door my father and mother in-law are busy making covered foam sleeves for one of the cubicle tables. Also helps dispel the rumours we are shutting down! lol.. funny how moving location people love to make up stories about others. If you don’t know ask!

BPO 24 Hour Services Office - Photo by Matt Wilkie

Everyone is busy somewhere, the agents we have in today have been busy on transcription and now learning how to format PC’s. The formatting and installing software isn’t part of their job but something relevant to things they want to know for themselves and college as we have several IT students.

The guys are finishing off the last bit of painting and patching for this year. If we get a good project come in we will start refurbishing the upper floor of the building. Right now still looks like a building site but we aren’t going to be needing it until next year so no rush.

Bathrooms are already purchased but want to get the windows in, ceiling up and electrics in before looking at fitting out this floor.

Right now I am looking to get the business kick started again after getting rid of some dead weight. With several campaigns already coming in I think the outbound and inbound sales are here to stay. But also I really want to get the Virtual Assistant stuff going.