Looking back on the last 3 years in our lives

matt and April ManilaToday I have taken a bit of time out as I need to slow down a bit before getting back to everything but its also given me time to look back out our first years together from the day I arrived to now.  The photo on the left for example was taken in Manila on my first trip due to us having to head up there to get the paperwork sorted for our wedding at the British Embassy. You can get it sorted at the British consolute in Cebu now. But although it was a trek half way across the country it was nice to visit Aprils relatives as well as see the capital even if it was only for one day.

  our wedding Our wedding took place in Minglanilla Cebu at the local court. We were married by the town judge not exactly the ideal setting but in the future we are already planning our second wedding after all the dust has settled. With getting a new home and the cost of setting up in a new country. So many people spend everything they have on the wedding but these days even if we don’t like it we are still in a capitalist society money talks and its money that puts food on our table. We will re-marry on our 7th Anniversary, December 7th 2015 so (the three 7s). Some of you will be thinking its too far ahead to think that way but when we entered our marriage it was for life and we both agreed to it and will stick to it. We New Years partyhave had good and bad times but through thick and thin we will stick together. Im not only happy with April i’m proud of her shes a great wife and mother and I look forward to the many years ahead we have to come. No doubt there will be trials and I sense some on the horizon already with some things that are recently occuring outside our our old househappy unit involving our previous home which was used to exploit f riendship and trust to gain money. But like most things its part of life and I quite happily move on with things and can look back thinking I am so glad we got rid of the person who started all the trouble and hopefully will have little or nothing to do with her in the future.

Zoei and MeThe thing is we have pretty much got everything we need in life and slowly building upon it. Little Zoei is soon to become a big sister and NicoleNicole although still back in the UK is keeping more in touch than she ever did and hopefully as soon as she is able to travel she can come and stop with us anytime she wants. Because its not only the future of Zoei and our current child April is pregnant with we also have to build a future for Nicole. I have based most of my ideas and thoughts over the last three years on how to reach the goals for our children and it will be achievable. At some point once reached each child will have their own properties of some description that will see them through school and onto university if they choose. The important thing is that they know we will always be there for them to love and support them in anyway we can.

Our goals are pretty much set and the timescale is around 10 years to reach them all. I may end up hoping in and out of the UK for at least another 3 – 4 years to make everything happen but the main thing is being able to secure the future of everyone. As things progress I am also hoping we can at least look towards Aprils parents retiring and dropping back to just doing things at the compound as hopefully we have found the right people in the right places for the other ventures and at the same time have built them a secure retirement income. Its not easy that is for sure but at the end of the day you have to look at things as “are you an individual or a family?” My father in the UK is pretty much setup with his pension and my brothers and sister I can do little to help. So I am here with the people that need me most and I wouldn’t be anywhere else. The trials over the last couple of years have been hard but also rewarding and as we finish the first apartment this week we can look back and think since December we have opened a net cafe, built an apartment and opened a small convenience store a lot of achievement in a small time but also the building blocks of our future.

downstairs still not finished painting due to out of stock!