Looking at buying a Honda XRM 125cc motorcycle in the Philippines

Honda XRM 125cc

With recent financial developments as well as the fact the trusty Rusi Chinese scooter can only be trusted to breakdown its getting time to start eyeing up a new motorcycle and move away from Chinese bikes altogether. Generally most locals wouldn’t touch a Chinese bike and to be honest with the 50cc scooter I also have that could be upgraded and run for another 10 years on its Yamaha engine at the same time the 50cc is fine around the city but dangerous in the provinces with the large buses flying up the road.

I have been pondering a new bike since I had the scooter though to be honest mainly down to the fact I wanted something that’s going to be safe enough to travel to other islands as well as a trip I have planned to cover Cebu island and with the Scooter breaking down in the next town, at Rob’s and Desiree’s less than 3 miles away as well as its intermittent electrical problems I would probably need a mechanic to travel with it to keep it on the road. Yesterday though our neighbours daughter brought over her bike as she’s just bought a Honda XRM 125cc. The first thing that caught my eye was the styling of the bike as although its a underbone bike it had more of an off-road design and feel to it. On top of that just the general build quality compared to the Rusi scooter got me thinking about buying the Honda XRM although there is a 150cc model called the Raider I can’t justify the extra cost in price and fuel consumption so will be looking at the 125cc instead. I would be interested in knowing peoples thoughts on the Honda before I go and buy one. But with its popularity in the Philippines as well as easy access to parts and modifications I can’t see many people giving too many complaints unless its build quality was poor which seems unlikely with Japanese engineering.

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  1. Cemlyn
    August 12, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    I bought the new Honda XRM 125 Sport last year. Great bike. I would thoroughly recommend it. Carried me and Michelle without any problems at all. There is nothing I can fault it on really. I sold it after 3 months but only because I upgraded to a Honda XR200. Last years model had disc front and drum back brakes. The new one has disc all round. So check that. You can get them at a really good price second hand in Manila but you need to deal with someone you can trust for stuff like that. I paid 64k in Puerto Galera. Michelle got a Suzuki 110 Revolution. That is the only one we have now. Good reliable little bike but the Honda was better. The next bike we buy will probably be automatic scooter coz it’s easier in the traffic. We also need to buy a bike more than 400cc so that we can travel on the expressway. Hoping by then I can afford the Honda Silver Wing. An automatic bike not a scooter. Engine in the normal place ad all the luxuries you need.

    No mate if I was back in Puerto I would not hesitate to get the XRM 125. Great little bike.

    I was going to put 2 photos of us with our bikes here but I could not load them. I’ll send them by email to you.