Long-term planning for your Filipina partner

Family life in the Philippines is important on many levels, one of the key elements for an expat is leaving something behind for their loved ones. They may not have the same opportunities that a Western passport bring. But also there needs to be something that is sustainable for creating a life in the Philippines after we are gone.
Filipino culture and values is more in-line with a traditional Western marriage where the guy takes care of earning the money while the wife is responsible for the family. Although in today’s world we have to be more realistic as many guys going to the Philippines marry women much younger than them but also the regular income from the West is a huge contributor to family life in the Philippines. When you go it goes with you, which is why its important to prepare a regular income for your partner.
If your partner lacks interest in doing anything I would say at day one you’ve already picked a bad partner. As it’s a sign of laziness on her part and its just going to get worse over time. The reality is you should be aiming for your partner to be more independent of you. Not because you don’t want her using your cash but simply that it makes her capable of surviving on her own in later years.