Long distance relationships–Your email is your history

There is something me and April do often especially if we are apart and that’s going through our old messages as we have kept them since we met in 2007. May make some people gasp in the fact we keep even the smallest messages including text but the thing is its good to look over them from time to time and see how things have developed and the reasons you fell in love in the first place. Life gets in the way of most things at some point and arguing over where money is coming from or a family dispute making you wonder what’s going on are a couple of reasons why its worth going over the old photos and emails but also it keeps people away from straying as it should reinforce the relationship if apart. We’ve had two children and our longest time apart in one go was 8 months. I hear of people struggling to keep a relationship going after a few days which makes me wonder was at least one of the parties even looking for a relationship?

Long distance relationships take a lot of commitment and you need to use all your technology to your advantage in the UK I have Skype keeping me in touch 24/7 as April is at home with the kids. Webcam in the evenings and emails when we have time to surprise each other with something we didn’t expect. Its not that long distance relationships can’t work its often down to the fact people don’t make them work. Now here and living with my wife permanently is proof it can and does work, along the way we had many difficulties that we worked through to give us the life we now have. In the future no doubt this will continue and even after several years I can honestly say we still love each other and tell each other every day. Make life, don’t just be a part of it. Relationships often complicate things especially with someone as independent as myself at the same time having a wife that’s concerned for me keeps me out of trouble and alive.

I love my wife April more so now than when we met, but looking back on our photos and emails it shows the beginning of the path where we became one with our ideas and thoughts on life. A big thank you to my wife for being here with me as she honestly completes me..