Lone Survivor Of Talisay Massacre Visits Home

A difficult moment as the 13 year old girl Embrelaince Ponce entered the family home in Palm View Village in Barangay Tabunok, Talisay City on Thursday. It was at this location the girls family was murdered by their father, her 3 siblings as well as her parents are all now deceased after the horrific day. Only things there to greet her on her arrival were the family dogs "Jamal", "Happy", and "Browny".

Embrelaince remained outside the home and appeared calm on her visit. She didn’t enter due to barangay workers clearing the murder scene, instead keeping herself busy feeding the dogs with bread.

It was here only a few days ago Melinda (53) the girls mother as well as sisters Elaine Grace (26) and Heather Joy (24) were murdered shot dead by their father as well as brother Emlin Bridge (18). It was after their father killed everyone else including the house maid Anastacia Deriega (34) he finally shot himself (Emmanuel 55).

Relatives had requested the house be cleared and cleaned at which point Talisay Police, Barangay City and health office workers cleaned the family bungalow. The blood stained floors were scrubbed as well as the breakfast cleared from that tragic day last Sunday.

It appears from statements by friends and family that the Ponce household was often violent and that the children had been beaten on many occasions by Emmanuel as well as threatened with a knife.

The Wake that took place at St.Peters Chapel on Thursday also led to burial changes due to Emmanuel’s relatives requesting he be laid to rest in Cebu. This had gone against the families wishes to be buried together alongside Melinda and the other family members in Sorsogon City, Bicol, Melinda’s hometown. But upon the request Emmanuel’s remains will be taken to Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City today, Friday.

Embrelaince had earlier said she wanted the family to stay together even after death but she was given no choice and had to agree with the relatives of her father.

The family home in Talisay will not be sold as Embrelaince said “This will be her only remembrance of her parents,”.

Loida Maquiling a social worker said that “Embrelaince should be closely monitored in the coming days”.

The house maid Anastacia was taken from St.Peter chapel to Barangay San Isidro, Talisay City at which point Anastacia’s mother Pilar visited (aged 71). She had travelled from Negros Occidental to attend the burial and hadn’t seen her daughter in a long time and left to say good bye in the saddest of circumstances.