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FACT Manila is the texting capital of the world, FACT we already sell mobile phone load difference is now we are in total control of it. Generally we have problems with reloads as we go via a dealer who often struggles to get paid or collect his cash from retailers. This generally costs us money because of the days when we run out of specific load as well as all the hassles of getting the money collected.

We have been looking for a solution where we can manage the funds ourselves as we can direct bank transfer or load it personally and we were lucky enough to have someone today drop by with LoadXtreme and share how it works.

First point here is its NOT a Pyramid scheme although is based on sales performance and others brought into the venture. At the same time based on our sales directly at the sari-sari if we did no extra sales for the slightly less than P4,000 we would actually be in profit within 5 months. But that isn’t where this deal stops. Because not only are you in control of loading your own account you will receive 10 retailer cards that you can distribute for P250 each in reality gaining another P5,000 from those sales and giving access to other retailers for one card equals all networks.

Often deals like this seem too good to be true which is why people overlook them at the same time it makes sense to utilise one card to cover all the networks but it didn’t stop there as it also added in PLDT, E-Loads for internet cafe’s and satellite/cable TV. In reality if your loading already your actually more than doubling your capability to sell by becoming a retailer never mind a dealership.

Now if your wanting to be a dealer we can set you up (Matt’s doing a sales pitch!) but the only reason I am selling this is not that I will make money from anyone who joins but the simple fact is this is a win/win scenario and if you have dealt with business in the Philippines its often more like pulling teeth or collecting the small coins than making money. This is an easy business venture anyone can do.

Am I going to show you some fancy flow charts and graphs? The answer is no.

The reason is profit margin for a retailer is around 10 – 14% on each card as a distributor you gain around 1 – 2% for every sale. But for example it costs P250 to get a retailer setup from us and you simply load your own cellphone and family how long does it take to get the P250 back? What if you added in your workmates and your neighbours? Suddenly your calls are all free and your actually making money every day of the week just by transferring load without having to do much for it.

For me I originally took the concept on for the Sari-Sari store as our suppliers were unreliable, doing it direct means I control and guarantee that we have Smart,Globe,Sun,Red available 24/7 because we have access to our own loading. But then I looked across our neighbours and see satellite TV on prepaid and several houses have PLDT. Suddenly I am not looking at just making my life easier but by buying in to LoadXtreme I am actually improving my sales turnover and that’s not including the reoccurring income on the Retailer cards we are selling.

Is it a deal to good to be missed? To be honest I think these things run a course where if your in now you will be making good money for a long period of time. Give it a couple of years it becomes established and the incentives reduce. But that’s at least 2 years to see your income increase drastically and I know you can do it because I am about to do it and publish it in the blog!

If interested in a RETAIL or DEALERSHIP please email me at matt_wilkie@hotmail.co.uk

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