Living through frustration – The Philipines

You have probably noticed im not my happy self lately. I have also put a lot of goods up for sale as well.. its not really a financial crisis but simply I need to get things completed. The first apartment is around 90% complete and already has a tenant. The second apartment needs construction to start ASAP to be ready on time. The big problem right now is generating more cash, I know a few readers will be thinking things are going wrong here but they aren’t its just purely timescale. Infact we have in the last month taken on someone part-time to help with chores such as ironing etc., a Yaya and a part-time attendant for the internet cafe. Ideally I need more thinking space to come up with new and lucrative ideas our budget is stable and covers not only our expenses and ongoing construction costs but I want apartment 2 to be able to push ahead a lot faster. Which of course is a big difference of finding P250,000 liquid cash to the P20,000 we have available for next construction projects per month. So this is where my frustration lies currently finding the P250,000. I will hopefully be supplying articles and information for a magazine shortly which hopefully will get things moving at least a little at worst will keep me occupied. The aquaponics I want to start soon but have so much going on I cant really dedicate enough time to guarantee the success so will be on the back burner for a little while more. Although Paps has had a chicken laying eggs all over the place so I got side tracked sorting out a design for an incubator that Paps constructed. We will hopefully see our first batch of chicks soon.

Anyway getting a little off tangent and it being nearly 2.30am its time to rest. If you have any money making ideas please add them on the comments below im all ears 🙂