Living the dream is it ok to hate me?

I don’t discuss this very often simply because it offends others and its not because I am arrogant. How rich have I been in the past and the future?

I let you guess but I will discuss Sheen O’shay from Ireland as he is my nearest equal in the town I once lived. He had yachts cruising in the Mediterranean and to this days still has many people work under him but no longer got cash to show his worth why?

3 ex wives! and children for each marriage… he lost millions in divorces over the years. I never had the issue of divorce and only married once but the damage was the same. Reasoning being I leave with one bag of clothing and leave everything else behind. Why not fight for homes and everything else that matters? because there are two factors that make the difference first is lawyers lining their pockets and secondly a biast legal system towards mothers.

Walking away saved me in reality £60,000+ because a woman that accepts your defeated walks away happy without realising when you turn your back you snigger..

Read through my blog and you will find leaving my ex I saved between £1,500 and £2,500 a month without trying. Heartless??? reality cuts in the fact is the British government in its wisdom cut off my right arm as the “children come first”. Quick sharp shock here as the British Government doesn’t care in reality its “get the wage earner to pay everything as the burden shouldn’t be on the state”. Which would have been fine if you give me equal or more than equal rights to my children. But instead wanting 70% of my salary plus let the ex abuse my right to see the children…

The battle is all in my favour as I fight a war not a battle to lay down and die. I am not a bad father in fact I am the opposite but feel my ability and influence is removed from child development to the point I have nothing left to lose.

Do I sound weak? The thing is to not but find a battlefield you can win. Living out here in the Philippines I have control over everything and the ability to help or refuse. I love my kids but will never let a country abuse me to suit themselves over my children.