Living on MSN

Msn As month 2 on my voyage of earning money in the land of turmoil… I’m just reflecting on the times I have had. There are problems within my parents home I can discuss (its not to do with but does mean I haven’t had a good nights sleep for nearly 2 months. Work has been scarce and more like a hunt than a job search. Cash flow although still flowing has been more of a drip than a flowing river.. but all in all the sun is shining and a major job arrives on the horizon on Monday. But there has been some things I look at and I wonder what is really going on in the UK. I took Nicole for a bike ride yesterday and she’s pretty much got the hang of it. Along the route we headed off to a local store. I was surprised about the number of Polish immigrants on route and at the store. Not because of there being at least twenty people but the fact I hadn’t met anyone speaking English on the route. I think there is something seriously wrong with the government figures aswell as the amount of people in the area. Because Worcester has a high unemployment rate to start with it didn’t exactly need thousands of extra people on its doorstep. Anyway as I headed back to my parents talking with Nicole I was thinking how would others be dealing with the everyday routine stuff if they were wondering what is going on in Cebu. I look at MSN, Yahoo and Skype all 3 of these are the main tools of communication when away from home but also not only are they quick and almost instantaneous there are some moments that really bring a smile even when things are pretty bleak. Its funny how seeing each other on webcam or a suddenly call out the blue on my Skype mobile phone make my day. Especially if you haven’t seen or heard each other in a week or two. Your life blends with the communications at your disposal because being in Cebu is not just home but my life. As all years as the sun shines my workload increases and this is my run for the sun.. as once it ends in just over 5 months time I will be sitting on a 747 after a long bus ride to Heathrow relaxing my head into the chair closing my eyes and can finally rest knowing I’m going home and when I awake I will almost be in Hong Kong a stepping stone away from my wife and daughter.