Living local

One of the things I’m not sure happens in the sub divisions so someone will have to update me on this. But when you live in the normal community celebration days like today (Christmas Day) involves being bombarded with loud music and kid Karaoke singers from early afternoon to gone dark. Not really a problem if everyone was singing from the same song sheet but it seems more of a sound off. Which results in hearing different music from different neighbours no matter where you are in the house. I’m not all bah humbug but it would be nice to relax on Christmas day.

But anyway its been another busy Christmas and I’m just about to have my third helping of the dinner we had yesterday as my evening meal and the internet cafe is near enough ready. Spent a couple of hours in there today just need to setup the network and batch two of the computers to arrive. We got the PC`s from Open Pinoy who supplied the machines in good time although if I had more time would ship from the UK instead as I could get brand new machines more upto date for the same sort of money. Either way the important thing is its nearly ready and hopefully will start to turn a profit shortly.

The only down side to things this Christmas was picking up a cold which has stuck with me for 5 days so far. Caused me to lose my voice and have a fever. But cant have Cuts down on alcohol due to no appetite.