Can a foreigner live like a king in The Philippines?? What a super hard question to answer . Its really an individual thing.. What might be living like a king for one person, may not be for the other.. What is the meaning of being a king might be certain conditions for some, and others different.. So this will be my personal experience and my personal meaning of Living Like a King in Philippines..

For me to live like a King is not a large house, with many rooms, and fancy cars, yachts, big dinner parties, and top hat and tails events.. If you are coming to The PI with that notion, or that being part of your Living like a King dream. Well, its not going to be any cheaper to have that life style here.. If you can not have those things were you are now, then coming here will not help fulfill that fantasy..

In my opinion , they are two types of thinking in what is Living Like a King..

First, we will call this the “ Family Man Class “ a nice place to retire, cheap home, clean air, tropical setting, beaches, and just general living, have a wife, kids, quiet, cheap, easy, slow living.. These people are the ones who do not get out much, just live a normal life like they had in their country, and are more concentrated as home persons and just want to lets say “ fly under the radar “ type of person..

Second, we will call these the “ Explorer Man Class” is the same as mentioned above, but also wanting to hit the bars, have big business, have persons notice them, be active in the community, nightlife, and more busy type, who wants to be noticed..

For me and I would not be scared to say, for the biggest majority of the expats that are here.. We are the ones who are not rich in our country’s, but would be very rich here.. Saying we are the class of the ones with pensions ranging from 1000 to 3000 dollars per month… Or the individual who has savings of 100,000 to 300,000 dollars.. That amount will really not make us much more than noticed in our countries. But here in PI, we can really be a the higher level… You will not see any retiree persons here that are from the 500,000 to million dollars savings and up.. They can afford to live in the expensive and famous tropical places around the world. Why would they want to come here…

BUT, here is the main and most important key… you have to be around and in the C and D class communities for this to work.. You can not be one of the persons I mentioned above and Live Like a King with the A and B Class Filipino people.. They already have as much as you, and will have a nice home, with nice car, all the same as you.. You will not be anything more than you are in your home country..

So which type are you, and what are you expecting when you come here. The Family Man type is a very viable approach and can work very well. If you are willing to keep a low profile, and you can easily accept and tolerate change, and slow pace of life, along with the normal Philippine problems, ( chickens, music, goats, etc.) You can do very well on a pension or small savings. Have a nice apartment or home, probably not as big as you would have in your country, you can eat good daily, have TV, Air Con, Hot and Cold water, Car, and the general things of life. Enjoy the ocean breeze, and slow life, and many would call this Living Like A King, and is can be done easily if you fall into this class..

NOW, if you are the Explorer Type Person.. It’s a complete different ballgame.. These are the ones, who come with the ideas of living in the City’s, starting a business, becoming a icon, getting involved with all different types of things, joining groups, and just in general becoming business men and continuing life as not being retired.. Look Out,, this is where the failure starts.. It is almost impossible to live this type of life here in PI, and survive very long.. Most get burned out, or bank accounts run out, or they get everything taken or scammed.. I am not saying its not impossible, but it is very hard to do.. More expats fall by the way side, and go home ( if they can even get home) with their tale tucked between their legs, and not even knowing how they will survive back home..

These are the ones with the ideas of,, Women will be all over me , everyone will be calling me sir, packing my bags, putting me in the front of the lines, giving me special privileges. I can start a business, and with all my talents from my country, I can run it very well, and it will make lots of money. I have great ideas, people will love me, beaches and drinks everyday, women and drinks all the time, maids, laundry, big house, personal security.. OHHHHHHHHH…… IF this is what you are expecting… STOP, back up and think again… No , stop, now your thinking, oh I can do it, the others who failed did not have what I have, they are not as smart and savvy as me.. That was the exact words most of them said also.. 80% of these type of people will fail

It will work for a while, and things will be great,, but the money supply will slowly be gone away until there is no more.. Its kind of like the famous online scams people get into… You have invested so much already, your trying to save it, and ok,,, just this much more to save what I have already done, and before you know it,, its all gone, people around you are gone, all the support and help you had is gone, and no one seems to know you any more.. … I am telling you this because I was one of these types in the beginning.. Everything I done in the states was perfect, I was smart, successful, savvy, good business man.. How did I not fail ??? Almost did, just thankful I caught myself before it was too late, and have just enough funds left to pull out and start getting things back on track,, AFTER and ONLY AFTER, learning How To Live and Function here properly, how to work the systems, how to in a short phrase, become Filipino….

So Living Like a King.. for me… I had 1800 sq ft home with 3 bedrooms, two baths, laundry, full kitchen, etc.. in the States.. I live now in 30 sq meter room, AC, TV, Computer, Bathroom. I had three brand new vehicles in American, here I have none.. When I left America and come here, I had savings of 6 figures.. My savings now here is 5 figures.. I run and operated one of the most successful construction companies in my State for 20 years… I never,, from first day was at a loss .. Always run it good and made money. Here have a business that have struggled with for two years, just now to get it to become successful and start making a profit.. Why you ask ?? Is it like this.. I was the Explorer Type… Do I live like a King ??? For me, I would say YES…

Why do I live like a King ?? I could go back home and have the bigger house, the nice cars, better food, make more money… But I would not have the :

  • Pulling into the local Place and everyone yelling, hello sir Philip, hey let me watch you car, or you bags.. How are you ?? Here let me get that for you…

  • I will not have the phone ringing constantly, when will you get this project done, how long, you need to be here now.. Instead, I tell someone, here go take care of this problem; I do not want to deal with it… Its Done…

  • When you are at the Mall, the Club, the Grocery, walking the road, riding the taxi, even getting the hair cut… You will always here and see…. Oh hello, where are you from, you are so handsome, (even I am not.) I wish I have someone like you.. ( Most are lying and scamming for something. But does not matter.) You love it anyways..

  • Sir you run the stop sign, or you did not get the proper
    paperwork for this, or this document is expired, or you do not have a permit for this or that,, your music is to loud, etc.etc.. BUT, BUT, no worries…. I can fix that for you, no sense in any tickets or filing any charges, or doing all that … Just let me fix your problem.. Few peso later,, you are fine..

They are others, but that gives you a idea.. Now, that is just me… Call it my ego, call it compensating for other issues. I really do not care what they call it… It is the way it is for me… So to Live Like a King in PI.. Very possible, first figure out what you are wanting and looking for.. Follow the rules and advice of others who have been down that path… Know what to expect.. Know what to accept.. It can be done on many different levels.. According to what you want out of life, and how far you are willing to go for it..


9 comments for “LIVING LIKE A KING IN THE PHILIPPINES – By Philip Patrick

  1. Kevin Brown
    May 7, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    NIce post, im looking to relocate there and i think i fall somewhere in the middle of the persons you described, i want to keep a pretty low profile but i also have a business there , internet cafe and date entry school, nothing fancy at all, i also have a few hobbies , amature movie making and cooking, but im not thinking of living in a huge house with maids or anything, i also have steady income from my two businesses here in the usa, im not into the nightlife but i do enjoy jet skis and motorcyles, do you see this as a issue there?

    • Kevin Brown
      May 7, 2011 at 3:44 pm

      NIce post, im looking to relocate there and i think i fall somewhere in the middle of the persons you described, i want to keep a pretty low profile but i also have a business there , internet cafe and date entry school, nothing fancy at all, i also have a few hobbies , amature movie making and cooking, but im not thinking of living in a huge house with maids or anything, i also have steady income from my two businesses here in the usa, im not into the nightlife but i do enjoy jet skis and motorcyles, do you see this as a issue there?

      • Tropicalpenpals
        May 7, 2011 at 8:49 pm

        Most people can live quite happily here if avoiding the local politics and businesses. If your looking to do neither here life is easy going. Although net-cafe and data entry are small scale and unlikely to draw attention here unless your data entry suddenly became a call centre. There are culinary schools here so if you wanted to study on the cookery side its possibe and also a movie academy. Jetski is possible although can be a bit expensive if hiring infact most expensive place I have seen them is in the Philippines. Motorcycles there are several riding groups which have regular excursions which is a good way to see the Philippines.

        • Kevin Brown
          May 9, 2011 at 12:12 am

          hey, thanks for the tips, my data entry school and cafe are just to give me something to do on a daily basis, no plans to enter call center at all, as far as the jetskis i plan to purchase them not rent.

          • Tropicalpenpals
            May 9, 2011 at 2:01 am

            That’s the main thing I have lots of little projects most people dont even notice but like everything here its better that way. Big problem I have had with the internet cafe is every man and his dog has peso-peso machines and pretty much killed most of the market in my area. I have downsized to 2 Pc’s and stuck them outside as its the only real viable way to run a cafe where I am “without a cafe!” Filipino’s generally aren’t bothered about the extras that we prefer such as air-con etc. as everything seems to revolve around price. Being able to buy 4mins for P1 seems to suit every budget.

  2. Max Blackwood
    May 8, 2011 at 10:07 am

    I think that phrase “Living like a king” is just wrong in context. Think about the word. A “king” is the highest ranking, most powerful male in the land under a system of monarchy. So if you live like the person that fills this role, you WILL have all those luxuries like a huge house, yacht, jewels, fine women etc. I mean perhaps you are shooting for the keyword phrase here, I dunno. But it seems to me that maybe just “living well and happily” would be a more accurate title.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      May 8, 2011 at 11:44 am

      The phrase is coined by many on the internet trying to sell a false life of Paradise does help sell e-books 😉

  3. Max Blackwood
    May 8, 2011 at 10:26 am

    One other thing I did not mention is that I think there is a third class (one I fall into). I have a successful online business, so I can work anywhere I want as long as there is an ok internet connection and somewhat reliable power. Both of those I know to be spotty there in certain areas but I digress. This third person is one who wants to live this “normal” life but who wants the adventure of scuba diving, sailing, surfing, exploring the islands etc. Not constantly, but when I want to take a break from work then I can do that cheaply and easily.

    This type does not look for the fame or luxury of this explorer type you mention. He is more the adventurer, business owner. He is not looking to employ locals because he already has a team of folks who work for him abroad. Minus the house helper, who are all pretty cheap according to at least 20+ expat blogs, there is no need to hire anyone else.

    Having enough room to live ok, house a helper to keep things tidy and run your online business is plenty for this type. A house is, after all, just a place to lay your head, work if that is where you conduct business and come back to to recharge for the next outing.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      May 8, 2011 at 11:52 am

      Thing is most people who arrive here aren’t like us.. in fact if you look at the majority of people here as expats they would probably advise against internet businesses because they don’t understand them. In reality most people coming here to “live like a king” have less than $1000 in their monthly budget. Problem with that is they were told they could rent a nice house, eat well, have women on their arm 24/7 and “live like a king”. Thing is its all achievable if people adapt their lives but many just end up bitter instead.