Living in the UK with my wife April from the Philippines–Part 1

Just a follow on from the last post as regards living in the UK with April as its something April noticed and also a friend who married Rob also from the UK is that generally we seem to plan out years ahead in comparison to what people are used to in the Philippines. Myself I have a decades worth of stuff organised and planned which all originally started as the five year plan but the pace of things the last few years has hindered it severely.

But anyway a bit of an insight of life in the UK as I know April would be interested to read this as well as other Filipinos heading to the UK. As it will just cover our general life there if we stopped for a couple of years.

Watching April and the kids get excited as we wait at the airport in Hong Kong to head on to Heathrow London would be the first signs of things taking shape as reality starts to kick in that we are heading back to the UK. Still warm, still sunny as the rays of sunlight pass through the glass terminal windows and before long we are boarded and on the flight to Heathrow. The only odd thing is that we have coats conveniently packed and ready for the second leg of the journey. After a rough sleep on the long haul flight around 5.30am the plane starts to descend seeing the skyscrapers push their heads through the clouds as we slowly start to begin to prepare for landing. Its about now that I can imagine the smiles and curiousity start to build as we are about to enter the UK and will soon be heading off to all things new. Upon landing the invitation to the UK begins with the cold fresh air and the coats quickly being put on as we start to head off to the bus terminal for hitching a ride up to Worcester. Suddenly the realisation of the UK being as cold as people say is now proven with the –2 sharp am shock. Luckily enough the National Express coach had already been on its route and warming up soon doesn’t become an issue as well as the excitement of experiencing the UK road system as we head on our route. The roads, the sights, the sounds are all new and interesting and even the people seem to have many races never seen before. The cosmopolitan UK is something very different to the Philippines in the way you can meet so many different people from so many different countries in a short period of time. The long motorways once we leave London everyone starts to drift off to sleep and await our arrival at Worcester..