Living in the Philippines isn’t easy but its possible.

Its an odd thing someone came up with the other day about struggling in the Philippines and that I must be struggling and hiding it. I suppose his thinking is more you must be, you must! rather than anything to base things on. Firstly we have been here on a full-time Philippines income for nearly 2 years (my life was living on the same income even when I was in the UK). In the last 18 months we built 2 apartments, bought 13 PCs,A new scooter, Opened a sari-sari store and created that area, invested in a few other ventures been to regular parties and held events as well as employing several staff and April building up her clothing and bags business.

Its not what I call struggling but its not an easy ride either, We are continuously reinvesting in things to expand outwards which means we have some larger scale projects we want to invest into which is why we re-invest in one business let it get bigger then move some of the profit into another. The main thing for us is no loans, no debt everything we do is paid in cash which for our larger projects start at around P140,000 going up to P1.5million per project. So accumulating those funds takes time.

Many ideas and concepts need to be tried and tested before we can invest fully into something which is why you will see that we do so many varied things. As well as the diverse and varied people we meet, not everything can or will work but with other peoples knowledge, small trials and a keen interest in what we are doing growth and success becomes part and parcel of the same thing.

Living in the Philippines isn’t supposed to be easy and even those with a good fixed income have their gripes and problems. Truth is its what type of lifestyle you want and balancing work with family and fun to make it all worth while.